All About The Bread

I bake real bread using just four ingredients, Flour, Yeast, Water and a little Salt. This makes bread as it used to be, a good crust and a chewy crumb not the cotton wool pap that industrial bakeries make.

Time is a key ingredient, time for the dough to ferment and rise. It is this that delivers taste and texture,

Industrial bread is short proved and risen and uses raising agents and additives to ensure that it does so. Some commercial breads have over 20 ingredients, including preservatives to prolong shelf life.

My bread will never contain additives or preservatives.

I use the best flour that is available and fresh yeast and the salt is sea salt.

The range of yeast breads is White, Brown and Wholemeal and these are available as Large, Small and rolls. Large loaves are a minimum 800grams, Small a minimum 400grams and rolls are around 68-70 each.

I also bake Sourdough bread using naturally occurring yeasts and Soda Bread.

Soda is a traditional Irish bread and I try only to use Irish ingredients, Odlums flour, Irish Atlantic Sea Salt and real Buttermilk along with Irish Bread Soda for that authentic taste.

With the exception of the Soda Breads I source all my flours within a 5o mile radius trying to be as local as possible.