Great Taste Awards 2018

Spice Master Arun Kapil and our own Bill King.

We are so pleased and proud to announce that our sticky gingerbread won 3* in the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards for 2018.


Many thanks to Arun Kapil and Green Saffron for the amazing spice blend.


We can’t quite believe the judges comments :-


: Sweet ginger aniseed nose. beautifully sticky light sponge. Molasses and dark sugar comes through. Generous chunks of stem ginger give a rich heat. The judges loved it – they said the only wrong thing with is, is the fact they can’t eat the whole thing! Leaves the right amount of heat in your mouth when you finish eating it. The balance is spot on – light, rich, dark sugared and stunning. Exquisite!

: A very homely looking cake. A first hit of molasses, little bursts of heat from the ginger – backed up by a rich buttery depth – very satisfying. The spicy heat of the ginger keeps giving and we get waves of caramel, almost butterscotch notes. The contrasting textures are such a delight; this is a homely, understated, cake which has real impact on the palate.

Our 3 Star Sticky Gingerbread

: Beautifully presented with a very appealing malty aroma. A perfect texture and level of moisture. The crystallised ginger is soft and unctuous with no fibrous edge. The general spicing builds well with the ginger heat warming the mouth on the finish.

: With a delightful aroma and lovely sticky texture, this is reminiscent of parkin. We enjoyed the mouthfeel plus the delightful warmth of the ginger and found it very moreish, with the addition of small ginger pieces.

We’ll let Bill sum up how we feel:- “Stunned, amazed and humbled”.